Posted By: September 04, 2021

                                                                                                                                                                                      Raymond McCord, Sr.

“Our aim on Monday is twofold.

Firstly, it is to stop these disgusting insane proposals; and, secondly, to highlight what victims and survivors really want: investigations, prosecutions, inquests, civil and legal actions must remain, and NO AMNESTY for murder. These demands are not for negotiation. Our message and focus are simple: the present and future governments must allow proper due process according to the law to take place.

Murder is murder, and a crime, irrespective of who is involved. Brandon Lewis has not spoken to, or contacted, any one of us victims going to London; and, neither he nor Boris Johnson speaks on behalf of the thousands of victims and families whom these proposals will affect. It is clear they haven’t listened to the victims.

The British government is not sincere in claiming they are helping victims and families whose loved ones have been murdered. Bluntly, they have lied to us and the public. They are trying to block and eradicate truth and justice for victims rather than help us. Logs and files of the security forces have disappeared relating to bombings and murders with cases of murders closed down for up to 60 years by the government— enabling the government to hide their own involvement.

Secretary of State Brandon Lewis, how do these actions help victims move on? How does it bring truth and justice? Deliberate delays by state agencies of up to 50 years for inquests do not help victims move on.

Brandon Lewis claims the mechanisms in place aren’t working. But that is only because the State agencies and successive governments have done everything to ensure they do not work— as the Ballymurphy and Loughinisland cases prove.

La Mon House bombing and Kingsmill are further proof of the state’s failures which they wish to hide.

Finally, we victims know why the government wants to pass these insane justice- dismantling proposals: to prevent and hide the British government’s and security agencies’ involvement in murders, with terrorists in the pay of the State. It’s certainly not to help victims move on.”

—Raymond McCord, Sr. Belfast.