PSNI, Armed Wing of Unionism No New Beginning

Posted By: March 29, 2013

Capitol Hill . Washington DC. October 9, 2002

The Mugabe -style police raid — with all its ugly display of power and bullying — on Sinn Fein’s offices has demonstrated that the RUC has not gone away, only changed its name to PSNI.

Irish-Americans all across the United States stand united in their opposition to this latest attack on the peace-process and Good Friday Agreement.

” The police are still the official armed wing of Unionism ; the unionist paramilitaries being the unofficial armed wings”, said Father Sean Mc Manus, President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus.

” The British Government did not promise there would be a new beginning to Unionism, but it did promise a new beginning to policing. Clearly that has not happened. Clearly the PSNI continues the historic role of the RUC — showing who is boss and keeping uppity Catholics in their place. No wonder the Unionists oppose change to policing”, he explained.

” The most important thing that has emerged from all of this — more important than the UUC Resolution, the hysterics of Trimble and Paisley, suspension of cross-border Bodies, the suspension of the Executive, etc., — is the dramatic proof that the PSNI continues to be the armed wing of Unionism.All else pales in comparison, because nothing matters for as long as this is so”.

” Without a new beginning to policing, the Good Friday Agreement cannot work. It’s as simple as that”. Father Mc Manus concluded.