Police Scotland alerted to “shocking and vile” “Smash a Fenian Day”

Posted By: March 28, 2018

Martin Williams.The Herald. Scotland. Tuesday, March 27, 2018

AN MSP has reported plans for a violent “Smash a Fenian Day” described by transport minister Humza Yousaf as “shocking and vile” to the police.

The action by Glasgow Cathcart MSP James Dornan comes after he was sent a circular which appeared to show the plans for the violence on May 1. He said he expected it had been sent to “others they consider ‘Fenians.'”

The poster, which has been produced anonymously, says on that date “we urge all Protestants to stand up and put all Fenians back in their place as it is time for our religion to fight the plastic Irish in our country.”

It does on: “These Fenian b******s have infiltrated our society, our councils and our government as well as high ranking officials in law.”

The circular goes on to award points for various acts of violence including burning down a chapel, shooting, stabbing mand punching.

Extra points were awarded for ‘Triple Bill’ acts perpetrated on a “Fenian, Scottish Nationalists and a Muslim.”

Mr. Yousaf said: “Shocking. Vile stuff. All it takes is one person to act upon this and folk will get hurt.”

Mr. Dornan added: “It’s hard to believe someone who is intelligent enough to type something like that would be stupid enough to think it’s a good idea.

“It’s a very tiny minority who try to ruin the good name of the vast majority of people in this country.”

The flier concludes with a Union Flag and the messages: “We will be mastered by no Fenian b*****d.  No surrender ever.  F*** the Pope.”

Mr. Dornan had previously reported a Rangers ultras fans group’s sectarian flyer that was the center of a criminal investigation and said he had quit Twitter because of the abuse he received.

There is no evidence to suggest that the two events are in any way connected.

The Union Bears march before the Old Firm derby at Ibrox earlier this month went ahead, while members claimed they had been visited by police.

That poster showed a silhouette image of someone wearing a green-and-white hooped jersey appearing to be being kicked in the head while on the ground, surrounded by text reading: “Good night, green white.”

It described the Old Firm derby as “the match against the Fenians.”

Some believe it is a copycat letter to that circulating for Punish a Muslin Day reportedly sent to addresses across the country.

Images of those A4 notes, also contain a list of violent acts alongside a number of points for performing them, have been widely shared online.

They have prompted a chorus of condemnation, with campaigners and MPs describing them as “disturbing.”

Counter-terrorism police are treating the letters as a possible hate crime.

Muslim leaders said the flyers had struck fear into communities, while Police Scotland said it was “monitoring” the situation.

The issue was to be discussed at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday as part of a new cross-party group aimed at tackling racism and Islamophobia.

It comes after reports of a number of racist or Islamophobic hate crimes in Glasgow over the last ten days, including two allegations of physical assault.

One young girl has alleged that a schoolboy asked if he could pull her hijab off and film it so he could earn points.

Police Scotland were unable to comment on the latest development.