Police detective who brought down Shankill Butchers dies

Posted By: August 27, 2014

● NORTHERN IRELAND    By Jamie McDowell.


Chief Inspector James Nesbitt in 1983
Chief Inspector James Nesbitt in 1983

The police hero who brought the evil reign of the Shankill Butchers to an end has died.Detective James Nesbitt died on Monday. During his time in the police, Mr Nesbitt, who was awarded an MBE, became head of CID at Tennent Street station. From there, he solved many important cases, but it was for putting the Shankill Butchers behind bars that he is remembered.  The [UVF] gang operated between 1976 and 1978, targeting catholics and horribly mutilating them before killing them. Mr Nesbitt said of the gang in a BBC documentary: “These people were killers, they were killing innocent, purely innocent victims, people who were involved in nothing. “Brutality, savagery, horrific killings and we wanted to catch them and we put every effort into catching them.”