Police accused of trying to delay McCord inquest

Posted By: October 08, 2019


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Raymond McCord Jr. 22, was beaten to death on November 1997.

Belfast Telegraph. Monday, September 30, 2019

Police have been accused of trying to delay an inquest into a loyalist murder.

Raymond McCord Jnr, 22, was beaten to death before his body was dumped at a quarry outside North Belfast in November 1997.

The killing was carried out by an Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) gang based in the Mount Vernon area of the city.

It was mentioned during a review of legacy inquests being conducted by a senior judge in Belfast.

Police said they were fully committed to assisting the inquest.

It is more delaying tactics by the police but it did not work this time Raymond McCord

Mr. McCord’s father Raymond McCord said: “It is more delaying tactics by the police but it did not work this time.

“The judge has given them two weeks.”

He said his legal team was seeking more documentation.

Mr. McCord added: “We want full disclosure and discovery from the ombudsman and the police.”

He said: “Justice Keegan was not taken in or impressed.”

Delays were previously connected to inquiries surrounding paramilitary crime by a UVF unit which operated in Mount Vernon.

In 2007 a significant Police Ombudsman investigation found police Special Branch officers colluded with the group behind Mr. McCord Jnr’s murder.

A PSNI statement said: “The PSNI is fully committed to assisting the coronial process and will make all information available to the coroner.

“As this is the subject of inquest proceedings and other legal processes it would be inappropriate for PSNI to comment further.”