Orange ‘rape and murder’ remarks on Rising criticized

Posted By: November 10, 2015


John Monaghan. Irish News(Belfast). Tuesday, November 10, 2015

THE Orange Order has been accused of “seeking to distort” the Easter Rising after a Dublin lodge described it as a rebellion aimed at replacing peace with “rape and murder of life and property”.

The comments were made hours after the order held its first Remembrance Day commemoration in Dublin since 1936.

Dublin and Wicklow LOL, which has said there will be an annual commemoration in the capital, took to social media on Sunday evening to pay tribute to those who “paid the ultimate supreme sacrifice in putting down the 1916 rebellion”.

However, they added: “A rebellion which was aimed at replacing constitutional government with tyrannical government and civic peace and harmony with rape and murder of life and property.”

On its website, Dublin and Wicklow LOL 1313 describes its members as Irish with a “British dimension” who are “not anti-republican” and are “definitely not anti-Catholic”.

The comments provoked a storm on social media with condemnation of the lodge’s use of language. Fianna Fáil’s Jennifer Cuffe said she was “deeply disappointed” by the remarks.

The post appeared to have been removed last night.

An Orange Order spokesman said: “The specific comment (referring to rape) was not used in the correct grammatical context and the lodge has rightly taken appropriate action to address the matter.”