Open Letter to Steve Bannon

Posted By: September 07, 2017

From Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President, Irish National Caucus

Mr. Steve Bannon
September 7, 2017
Dear Steve,
I’ve been wondering if you were any relation to Fr. Bannon, S.J. (1829-1913) —  the “Confederate Chaplain,” who was born in County Leitrim, Ireland.

Your last name and politics might indicate a close relationship.

However, I now doubt it, because at least Fr. Bannon would not have been anti-Catholic, something which you have, almost stereotypically, declared yourself to be. (And, yes, Catholics can be anti-Catholic).
Your crass and vicious charge alleges that the Catholic bishops are supporting immigrants out of “economic interest” and because “they need illegal aliens to fill the churches.” In other words, the Catholic Bishops are using one of Jesus Christ’s most sacred commands, “Do this in memory of me” — The Mass/ The Eucharist — not in fidelity to the Gospel but to make money (from the poorest people in the country?).

No anti-Catholic outburst could possibly be more offensive to lay Catholics, priests, and Bishops. It is also one of the oldest anti-Catholic tropes in America — and in England, with its historic anti-Catholic oppression in Ireland, and since 1920 in “Northern Ireland.” … So, Steve, get ready to be inducted into the Orange Order, the anti-Catholic, secret-oath-bound, organization in Northern Ireland. You would find it a congenial home: it is almost seen as respectable— like how the White Citizens Council in Alabama and Mississippi were a bit more respectable than the KKK.

Also, of course, to charge that The Mass/The Eucharist is all about making money is like the Nazi’s accusation that the Jews were sucking money out of Germany, which brings us back to another historical foundation: the historic targets of the KKK are Catholics, Blacks, and Jews.

Well, this Fermanagh-born Irishman takes his stand with Catholics, Blacks, and Jews against the KKK. As Martin Luther, himself,  said in 1521,” Here I stand, I can no other.”