NY Ladies AOH and Men’s AOH Convention

Posted By: July 16, 2011


Barbara Flaherty enthusiastically shows off My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland
Ray O’Hanlon–Editor of Irish Echo and Gifted author of The South Lawn Plot– with Barbara
Denise Sobus, in-coming NY State President of LAOH , proudly holds Memoirs

Friday, July 15, 2011 — Nobody knows how to put on a Convention like the Ladies AOH and the Men’s AOH of the great State of New York.
That was amply demonstrated on July 13 and Thursday, July 14 as the State Convention opened (to continue until Sunday, July 17). The over 200 delegates gave an inspiring display of their continued dedication to the cause of Ireland both in America and in Ireland: maintaining the Catholic faith and culture here, and supporting justice and peace on the entire island of Ireland.
Fr. Sean Mc Manus was invited to address the delegates on his recently published Memoirs: My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland (Collins Press. Cork).
Fr. Mc Manus applauded the Ladies AOH, and their National President, Margaret Hennessy. He singled out for special praise, the National Secretary, Mary Hogan, a strong promoter of his book.
He explained: “ I was deeply honored to be invited to speak by the great Chip Mc Lean, NY State AOH President. I am deeply grateful for his leadership and dedication”.
Mr. Mc Lean’s term of office expired at the Convention. He wlll be succeeded by another excellent leader, Michael Mc Nab. Michael a nephew of the legendary AOH leader, Tom Mc Nabb, National President from 1978-1980. Tom has also been National Secretary for many years.
Fr. Mc Manus explained : “ As I state in my book, Tom Mc Nabb – with the late Jack Keane — is one of the most important AOH leaders since the 1920’s. He showed great strength and leadership at a very tough time. He was put under huge pressure to withdraw his support of the Irish National Caucus. But he stood firm. I will never forget him for that. He deserves huge credit. I know his nephew, Michael, will continue the great Mc Nab tradition: dedication to the Catholic faith and to Irish-American tradition and culture – and to justice and peace in Ireland”.
Tom Mc Nabb’s son, Tom Jr, is President of Division # 1 in Auburn NY.
Equally, with the Ladiies AOH there will be changes in leadership. The new State President will be Denise Sobus, and the new National Treasurer will be Patricia O’ Connell, and the new National President will be Maureen Shelton. All three ladies expressed strong enthusiasm for Fr. Mc Manus’ book.
One of the speakers at the Convention was Sean Pender, New Jersey AOH State President.Fr. Mc Manus said: “ Sean is a new forceful leader on the Irish-
American scene, with whom I will be working closely. We are both committed to keeping Congress involved in the whole human rights area in Northern Ireland. Sean will do great work over the coming years. He is very well informed, has a lot of key contacts in Ireland and visits there regularly”.
Fr. Mc Manus continued:“ Dan Dennehy is another key man in the NY AOH. Like his father before him, Dan is a totally committees Irishman. A great guy who will also do great things in the years to come”.