“No Brexit with no-deal” – NI business

Posted By: March 10, 2019

By John Campbell BBC News NI. Belfast. Sunday, March 10, 2019
Some of Northern Ireland’s largest businesses have written an open letter to MPs urging them not to let the UK leave the EU without a deal.
They say that no-deal would “result in significant damage to our export markets, supply chains, consumer spending power, and the region’s competitiveness.”
The letter has been organized by the employer’s organization, the CBI.
The signatories are a range of locally-owned and multi-national businesses.
Aerospace firm Bombardier, Norbrook pharmaceuticals and Graham construction group are among the signatories.
The letter suggests that a no-deal could lead to the introduction of new checks at the Irish border.
It states: “A no deal Brexit will undoubtedly result in creating regulatory and tariff differences across the island of Ireland and will, therefore, have direct consequences for border checks and crossings.
We, therefore, urge MPs across the UK to consider the damaging impact on Northern Ireland’s economy and political stability in the event of a no-deal Brexit. “
Last week, the head of the NI civil service warned that a no-deal Brexit could have “grave” consequences including a “sharp increase in unemployment”.
That was dismissed by DUP MP Sammy Wilson, who said it was “scare tactics.”