Posted By: November 06, 2021

Raymond McCord, Chairman, Truth and Justice Movement


Truth and Justice Movement


November 29, 2021 

A victims event unlike any other.

For the first time a union, NIPSA officially supports and joins with victims and the Truth and Justice Movement in opposing the British government’s proposals of amnesties for murder, no prosecutions, no investigations, no inquests, no civil actions for “troubles” offenses.

The panel includes politicians from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, President of NIPSA Brian Smyth, Chair of Panel Raymond McCord, son murdered by UVF, and other guests. Victims telling their stories include John Teggert Ballymurphy, father murdered by Army, 15-year-old brother murdered by IRA, Cathy Mcilvenny Shankill, sister raped and murdered by UDA and nephew murdered by UVF, Joe Campbell, father Catholic RUC Sergeant murdered by loyalists, Michael Gallagher, son murdered in Omagh RIRA bomb, brother UDR officer murdered by IRA, Julie Hambleton, sister murdered by IRA Birmingham pub bombing, Eugene Reavey, 3 brothers murdered by Glenanne gang, Billy McManus, father murdered by UDA, Kate Nash, brother murdered by Army Bloody Sunday.

 Open non-sectarian debate, no paramilitaries, and no abuse permitted.

Any Americans living in or on holiday in Ireland who want to come can contact me.