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March 17, 2020                                                                                   
In St. Patrick’s Day Statement, Irish American Organizations 
Back National Museum of the American People
Four national Irish American organizations today announced their support for the proposed National Museum of the American People in Washington. The museum will be the first in our nation’s capital to tell the story about the making of all of the American People.

In a St. Patrick’s Day statement, they said they “support and welcome the National Museum of the American People telling the Irish American story about becoming Americans, along with the stories of all other American groups.”

“Irish Americans, the third-largest ethnic group in the nation, played – and play – a central role in creating and advancing our nation. That story needs to be included in a major museum in the heart of our nation’s capital,” the statement said.

Groups supporting the statement include the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America, Emerald Isle Immigration CenterIrish National Caucus and Irish American Unity Conference.
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