N.Y. Members of Congress Score Highly on Irish Issues Except Sen. Moynihan, Reps. McHugh & Velazquez

Posted By: March 29, 2013

Washington, D.C., September 26, 1996 — All but three Members of Congress from the State of New York have endorsed the agenda of “Irish-Americans for ’96.” There are 33 Congressional Members– including the two United States Senators from New York.

The Irish National Caucus — the Capitol Hill-based Irish lobby — launched”Irish-Americans for ’96” on June 12 and have been lobbying Members to endorse its three-fold plank: (1) to support federal legislation on the MacBride Principles; (2) to support the stopping of federal harassment of Irish political refugees to the U.S. and to support the granting of political asylum where needed; (3) to support the peace process in Ireland by keeping constant pressure on the English government.

All — except the three named above — wrote back to the Caucus endorsing “Irish-Americans for ’96”. “All told, over one hundred Members of Congress have endorsed ‘Irish-Americans for ’96’, ” said Father Sean McManus, the Irish National Caucus President. “That is practically one-quarter of the United States House of Representatives. It is a very impressive result. And, of course, Senator Al D’Amato has always been excellent on Ireland.”

Father McManus praised the New York Congressional Delegation. “They are excellent on the Irish issue, except the three previously named,” he said. “Of course,” he said, “I’m not at all surprised by Senator Moynihan (D-NY). He has always been worse than useless on the Irish issue. I am, however, deeply disappointed in Representaives McHugh (R-24th) and Velazquez (D-12th). It is disturbing that — despite many contacts — they have shown total dis-interest in the concerns of Irish-Americans in this upcoming election. ‘Irish -Americans for ’96’ is supported by all Irish groups in the State of New York and has very wide support in the Irish-American community in New York. It’s a pity these two Members have no interest in the concerns of Irish-Americans in this election. ”