More about the “The Girls of Fermanagh” and less about “The Boys of Wexford” young Kennedy is told

Posted By: February 09, 2018

More about the “The Girls of Fermanagh” and less about “The Boys of Wexford” young Kennedy is told

Fermanagh-born Fr. Sean McManus with Fermanagh-descendant
 Congressman Joe Kennedy (D-MA).
CAPITOL HILL— Fermanagh people in the United States are all agog at recent claims that the distaff-side of the famous Kennedy dynasty originated in a humble townland in County Fermanagh, near the County Cavan.

JFK’s and Bobby Kennedy’s grandfather’s maternal great-grandmother, Rose Anna Cox, was born circa 1835 in Tonymore, in the parish of Knockninny, the next parish to Kinawley.

Proud son of Kinawley, Fr. Sean Mc Manus —President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus— was one of the first to rejoice in the news. He immediately contacted Congressman Joe Kennedy (D-MA), grandson of Bobby Kennedy, and son of former Congressman Joe Kennedy II.

In a letter to Joe III, Fr. Mc Manus told the Congressman that from now on the Kennedy’s must “talk more about ‘The Girls of Fermanagh’ and less about ‘The Boys of Wexford,’ where the Kennedy side of the family famously came from. [ Full copy of letter below].

Fr. Mc Manus also told Congressman Kennedy that, ‘Since 1920, the parish of Kinawley has been divided by that damn British-imposed Border— part of it is in County Cavan.’
In his letter, Fr. Mc Manus adds: “My maternal grandmother’s second cousin married a man named Cox from the same general area. So, I am also linked to the Cox family— that could be the only thing that might stop your being President one day!’

Fr. Mc Manus explained: “Of course, I was joking because I don’t think anything can stop young Kennedy being the President, please God. He has all the fabled Kennedy charism. But I hasten to add that ‘charism’ is not just a secular term but is also an important Biblical and theological term. Since the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), the term has increasingly been used in the Catholic Social Teaching, in particular, to the Church’s ‘Preferential Option for the Poor.’ Congressman Joe III has that charism in abundance. It is the most remarkable characteristic of the Kennedys— that despite their fame and privilege, they were always concerned about the poor and the less privileged. And that is the quality that America needs now more than ever. I am so proud that a descendant of Rose Anna Cox from the parish of Knockninny is now leading the struggle for the poor and less privileged in America and all over the world—and will one day take it right into the White House. God bless the Kennedys, and God save Ireland.”


Congressman Joe Kennedy
 U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

February 8, 2018

Dear Joe,
The history of the Kennedys has just gotten even more illustrious.

It transpires you have a Fermanagh connection: your grandfather’s maternal great-grandmother, Rose Anna Cox, was born circa 1835 in Tonymore. (I am emailing to your office a detailed online map of the area).
So enough about the “Boys of Wexford,” from now on the Kennedys must also speak of the “girls of Fermanagh” in honor of Rose Ann, who married John Francis Fitzgerald.

Tonymore is in the parish of Knockninny, where my paternal grandfather was born and is the next parish to where I, myself, was born in the historic parish of Kinawley.
(Since 1920, the parish of Kinawley has been divided by that damn British-imposed Border— part of it is in County Cavan).

I enclose an article from the Fermanagh Herald (the “Boston Globe of Fermanagh”): “JFK was a Fermanagh man!” And an article from the Anglo-Celt, County Cavan.

My maternal grandmother’s second cousin married a man named Cox from the same general area. So, I am also linked to the Cox family— that could be the only thing that might stop your being President one day!
Please give my best to your father, whom I fondly remember.

God bless America and the Kennedys, and God save Ireland. Sincerely,
Fr. Sean McManus
President. Irish National Caucus

Fr. Sean Mc Manus


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