McGuinness: Withdrawal from EU major crisis of our time

Posted By: November 03, 2016


STARK OUTLOOK: Sinn Féinpresident Gerry yAdams and Deputy First
Minster Martin McGuinness arrive at the Dublin Brexit talks

BREXIT is potentially bigger than the peace process for Ireland, Martin McGuinness has warned.
The deputy first minister said the UK decision to leave the EU is the “major crisis of our time.”
“I’ve been involved in some of the most historic and important negotiations that this island has seen in 100 years, more
particularly the Good Friday Agreement and the St Andrew’s Agreement,” he said. “What we are facing into now ,in
my opinion, is just as big as that–maybe even bigger .”

GerryAdams and Deputy FirstThe stark outlook is not helped by a  British government which is “all over the place” on the UK’s future, he added. Speaking to an all-island Brexit forum in Dublin, Mr. McGuinness said unionists –who have
snubbed the gathering –were shocked by the outcome of the June referendum. Although Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU, the north’s biggest party ,the DUP campaigned for a Leave vote.“I know for a fact that unionists
were shocked by the outcome of the Brexit referendum,” Mr.McGuinness said.“I know one particular unionist
who lost a fortune because he backed Remain. That absolutely
Mr. McGuinness said the British opt-out has “profound implications” for the entire island of Ireland, that would impact on hugely sensitive issues, including politics, social interaction, the business community, the peace
process and the islands entire future. However ,MrMcGuinness said he was optimistic that leaders from the north and south could come together to negotiate with the British government and The European Union.
Mr. McGuinness was speaking before yesterday’sAll-Island Civic Dialogue, especially convened forum of politicians,
business leaders, community representatives and others from both sides of the border.