McCord on Court ruling that Foster’s decision was unlawful

Posted By: March 08, 2018

Distributed by Irish National Caucus
“BBC today reports: ‘  judge has ruled that Arlene Foster’s decision to block funding for the lord chief justice’s plan for legacy inquests was unlawful and flawed.’
Belfast victims campaigner Raymond McCord, Sr.(from a Unionist/Protestant background) has issued the following statement which we want to share with the US Congress.”—Fr. Sean McManus

“In the wake of the court’s judgment regarding the legacy cases,  it is without any doubt that Arlene Foster should resign. Either resign or the DUP should sack her. Not one victim I speak to has any faith or trust in her.
 The fear of truth and justice for victims is something the DUP can’t cope with. It does not matter if it is IRA victims or UVF victims or even state security victims, all families deserve the truth and an inquest for their loved ones who were murdered.
Over twenty years since my son Raymond, Jr. was murdered, we still have not had an inquest. We are fighting in the courts to have one. Remember, my family and I  are Unionists and my son’s murder was a result of collusion between the UVF and SPECIAL BRANCH/SECURITY FORCES.
 It does not matter if the victims are Unionist or Nationalists, Arlene Foster unlawfully held back the funding for the inquests, which included my son ’s. For that decision, she should hang her head in shame and resign. She has brought shame to Unionists with her brand of politics. To the DUP,  I say ‘sack her!’ If that’s the best person you have to be the leader, then thank God I’ve never voted for your party.”