McCord defends Ombudsman Maguire against attacks from Unionist politicians.

Posted By: December 23, 2017


Distributed by Irish National CaucusIRISH CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING

Distributed by Irish National Caucus

Intrepid Protestant campaigner against State and police collusion, Raymond Mc Cord, Sr. has thrown his huge moral authority behind Police Ombudsman Michael Maguire.

Belfast man McCord —one of the heroes of The Troubles in Northern Ireland— has relentlessly campaigned for justice for his son Raymond, Jr. who was murdered in 1997 by British agents and police informers.

Mr. McCord has asked the Irish National Caucus to distribute his defense of Ombudsman Maguire to Members of Congress and Irish-Americans.

CAPITOL HILL. Friday, December 22, 2017

“Today, again,  hypocrisy from Unionist politicians in regard to the RUC/PSNI. They call for Michael Maguire to resign. Yet, a week ago, I along with other families of victims listened to a serial murderer Gary Haggarty admitting to a total of over 500 crimes including murders —while being in the pay of the Chief Constable!

Are we expected to believe that the different Chief Constables over a period of 14 years were not aware of Haggarty’s crimes, while the State paid him as a police informer?

 Not a word from Jim Allister, Jeffrey Donaldson or any Unionist politician asking why Haggarty was protected from prosecution. These politicians bring nothing but shame to the Unionist cause. They are the reasons why I will never vote for the DUP/TUV.

 I  continue to support Ombudsman Michael Maguire and hope he ignores the double standards of Unionist politicians who continue to close their eyes and minds to collusion by the police and State. 

 Instead,I ask the judge who made the judgment against the Ombudsman Report on collusion in the Loughinisland case to stand down. It is he who needs to consider his position.

Ombudsman Michael Maguire has my full support; and when I hear Unionist politicians who have never stood up for victims asking him to stand down, then I know for sure he’s doing a good job. Thank you, Ombudsman Maguire, for your pursuit of truth and justice.”— Raymond McCord, Sr.