Mc Manus Rips Rudy

Posted By: November 06, 2007

Mc Manus Rips Rudy

SPEAKING of the presidential race, Father Sean McManus had some
choice words for Rudy Giuliani this week, making it clear that
the Irish National Caucus will strongly oppose the former New
York mayor, currently the front-runner for the GOP nomination.

“Rudy Giuliani recently went to London to pander to the extreme
right, speaking at the inaugural Margaret Thatcher Memorial
Lecture, which, according to the American Conservative magazine,
was attended by many of the Iron Lady’s most dedicated admirers,”
McManus said.

“In other words, Giuliani kissed up to the same type of Brit who
increased anti-Catholic oppression and discrimination in Northern
Ireland, promoted state terrorism and torture and prolonged the
Irish Troubles by at least 20 years. That is much worse than
George W. Bush’s ill-advised speech to Bob Jones University, for
which he had the good grace to apologize.

“Irish Americans may have wanted to forget how Giuliani viciously
pursued political refugee Joe Doherty,” added McManus, president
of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus. “But how can
they possibly ignore the fact that Giuliani travels to London to
offend Irish Americans?”

Father Sean Mc Manus
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