Posted By: May 15, 2019


Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus
“My good friend — the intrepid Raymond McCord, from a Unionist/Protestant background in Belfast— wants Members of Congress to see the attached article about his on-going campaign for justice. Former prime minister Tony Blair, a former secretary of state for Northern Ireland, and a former chief constable will be asked to give evidence during civil proceedings being taken against Loyalist paramilitaries, accused of being implicated in the 1997 murder of McCord’s son, Raymond, Jr.
The attached article explains:’Everyone involved in his son’s murder had been on the payroll of the RUC. But it wasn’t until a decade later that the O’Loan Report exposed the full extent of security force collusion in UVF murders.’ 
Irish-Americans strongly support Mr. McCord’s heroic struggle and call on the  United States Congress to continue their solidarity with this brave Belfast Protestant. As we keep insisting, ecumenism and reconciliation are at their best when Protestants and Catholics come together in solidarity to work for justice. That is the authentic way to build up The Beloved Community.”—Fr. Sean McManus