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Posted By: March 29, 2013


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CAPITOL HILL. Monday, May 31, 2010 — The recent threat against Protestant victim-campaigner, Belfast-man Raymond Mc Cord Sr., is causing the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus deep concern.
The Northern Ireland police contacted Mr. Mc Cord on Saturday to inform him there was yet another threat against his life by Loyalist paramilitaries.
In 1997, Mc Cord’s son, Raymond Jr. (22) was savagely beaten to death near Belfast. Since then Raymond Sr. has waged a lonely battle for justice. His quest led to a 2007 Report by then Police Ombudsman, Nuala O’ Loan, which revealed that the murder was directed and committed by a Loyalist gang controlled by British agents and police informers. As a consequence, there was a massive cover up, and still no one has been charged with the murder.

In 2009, the Irish National Caucus brought Raymond Mc Cord Sr. to Washington to raise the case and to successfully lobby for a Congressional Hearing.
On October 22, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights and Oversight held a Hearing.
Raymond Sr. gave graphic testimony that shocked and moved the Congress.

Reacting to the latest development, the president of the Irish National Caucus , Fr. Sean Mc Manus, said: “ This is deeply disturbing. I had hoped Raymond was in less danger than before. I have always maintained that justice for young Mc Cord is the acid test for the “ new beginning “ we were promised to policing in Northern Ireland. Yet, after all these years, and a mountain of evidence , no one has been charged with the murder. And despite the fact that everyone knows who is responsible for the threats against Raymond Sr., the threats continue. What does that say about creditability of the police?

Fr. Mc Manus concluded by stressing he would be raising the issue with key Members of Congress.


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