Posted By: October 21, 2021

List of those attending meeting of Truth and Justice Movement in  London Parliament building on Tuesday, October 19, 2021:

Members of Truth and Justice Movement: (As in above photo. Front row: Cathy McIlvenny and John Teggart. Back Row: Julie Hambleton, Raymond McCord, Chairperson, Joe Campbell, Eugene Reavey, Michael Gallagher, and  Billy McManus.(Kate Nash, a member, is not in the photo).
The Truth and Justice Movement consists of victims’ relatives, and is “cross-community”—that is, Protestant and Catholic/Unionist/Nationalist.
 Politicians who attended the meeting: Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP, DUP; Joanna Cherry SNP; Sir Reg Empey, UUP; Paul Girvan DUP; MP Gregory Campbell DUP; MP. Jim Shannon DUP; MP Carla Lockhart DUP; MP Stephen Farry, Alliance Party; MP Colum Eastwood SDLP; MP,
Baroness Suttie,  Liberal Democrats, House of Lords, Baroness Bennett Green Party House of Lords; Baroness Smith Labor Leader House of Lords; Michelle Gildernew Sinn Fein MP; Orliath Begley, Sinn Fein MP; Micky Brady MP Sinn Fein; Chris Hazzard MP, Sinn Fein; Louise Haig Labor Shadow Secretary of State Northern Ireland, and others.
Raymond Mc Cord explained:

“Every major political party in Ireland and the UK except the Tories have signed the pledge of support document, which I drafted on behalf of our group the Truth and Justice Movement.

 The Irish Senate using the wording of our document has also rejected the proposals of the British government which include amnesties for murders, no prosecutions, no investigations, no inquests, and no civil actions.

We thank Congressman Brendan Boyle (D-PA) for authoring the Dear Colleague Letter, signed by 36 Congressmen/women and sent to Boris Johnson; and we call upon President Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi,  and my friend Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA) to help us and all the victims in rejecting and stopping these proposals which only benefit the British state and security agencies. And, as always, I thank Fr. Sean McManus and the Irish National Caucus for constantly keeping the issue before Congress. (And I fully support their current good work in raising the Kincora-Richard Ker case in Congress).

Essentially, what we are asking for, at the very least, is ACCOUNTABILITY, TRUTH, AND JUSTICE  from the British government. And we absolutely need the continued help, support, and pressure of the United States Congress in our quest for accountability, truth, and justice. The United States Congress and the Irish National Caucus have given me continued support since the Congressional Hearing in 2009. I now ask for that support to be extended to put pressure on the British government from taking away all hope from victims.”