Mc Cord challenges Nigel Dodds, MP, on his silence and cover-up

Posted By: December 17, 2017

Irish Congressional Briefing
Distributed by Irish National Caucus

Unionist/ Protestant victims campaigner Raymond McCord, Sr. of Belfast has issued the following challenge to his MP,  Nigel Dodds of the DUP.

Belfast. Saturday, December 16, 2017

Dear Mr. Dodds,
As you will be aware, during the Haggarty trial this week it was revealed that Haggarty had telephoned his Special Branch handlers on two occasions to warn them that the UVF [ the illegal Ulster Volunteer Force] was planning to murder my son Raymond, Jr.

The Special Branch choose to ignore those calls of advanced warnings and allowed my son to be murdered.

Raymond, Jr. was a constituent of yours, as I am, and yet you have not uttered one word despite being the MP for North Belfast.

 When are you going to raise this with the Chief Constable?

 When are you going to call for the arrest of the handlers?

When are you going to raise it in Westminster in Parliament?

 When will you stand up for victims of the state and the UVF?

 When will you ask for a full independent inquiry into my son’s murder in the wake of these revelations?

 When will you ask for a full independent inquiry into the Special Branch in North Belfast?

When will you be a man and speak out instead of being part of a cover-up into young Raymond’s murder?

 Your silence to date is a disgrace and an insult to the memory of my son Raymond.

You are quick to criticize the southern Irish government regarding Brexit, but not the Northern Ireland police who allowed young Raymond to be brutally murdered.
Raymond McCord