Mattie Reilly— a long time Irish activist—has asked Irish organizations to disseminate the following statement.

Posted By: June 09, 2016

Equal Treatment for Northern Ireland and its Immigrants

Why not an emigrant Appointee to Stormont?

Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny has appointed an “Emigrant Senator” to the Irish Senate to represent the concerns of Irish immigrants in the United States: Galway native, Billy Lawless in Chicago.

This has been welcomed as a good idea.

Well, then—in the interest of equal treatment—shouldn’t someone in the United States also be appointed to a position with the Northern Ireland Assembly to represent the concern of immigrants from Northern Ireland? Shouldn’t that, too, be welcomed as a good idea?

Irish-Americans certainly think it’s a good idea and are keen to get the discussion going. Let’s not have yet another example of a double-standards… If it is good for the 26 Counties, it’s good for the Six Counties. Who can argue with that?

Certainly a very obvious candidate for such an an appointment would be Fermanagh native Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President of the Washington-based Irish National Caucus. For over 40 years

Fr. Mc Manus has been one of the best known Irish immigrants in the United States. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge from his work with the U.S. Congress. And, for sure, no one knows more about Northern Ireland than he does.

Get the discussion going. If it is good for The South, it’s good for The North. No more double-standards. The First and Deputy First Ministers for Northern Ireland should be the first to embrace the idea of such an appointment.

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