Posted By: June 29, 2013


CAPITOL HILL. Saturday, June 29, 2013 — Irish-Americans are loving the IRA novel by Fr. Sean Mc Manus: Mac Ireland: Fight For Irish Freedom.
The well known Catholic priest — president of the Capitol Hill-based Irish national Caucus and Holy Land Principles, Inc. — explained: ” Today I had a telephone call from and Irish-American family in New York wanting to know if Book Two in the Mac Ireland series was ready. I said, ” Give a poor Fermanaghman a break. I just finished Book One, and you want Book Two already!’ Then the nice lady continued to tell me that all five members of her family had read the book. That, of course, is music to any author’s ears.”

Fr. Mc Manus recent Memoirs has already gone into its third printing, the latest being titled, My American Struggle For Justice in Northern Ireland … And The Holy Land. The Holy Land section recounts his visit to Palestine-Israel, and his launching of the Holy Land Principles — ” to do for Palestinian Muslims and Palestinian Christians what the Mac Bride Principles did for Catholics in Northern Ireland.”
Fr. Mc Manus explained he had no attention of writing a novel: ” However once my Memoirs were finished, I could not stop writing, so I just segued into fiction. But maybe fiction can convey truths not possible in historical writings.”

The eponymous hero of the novel, Patrick Mac Ireland , set out in the 1970s to drive England out of Ireland, but quickly realizes he must first to drive British agents out of the IRA.

Mac Ireland: Fight For Irish Freedom is available at irishnationalcaucus.org