Loyalist McCord: Brits Betrayed, Befriended by Priest

Posted By: April 09, 2009

Raymond Mc Cord Sr. – Protestant Loyalist Betrayed by British State; Befriended by Irish Priest on Capitol Hill

CAPITOL HILL. April 14, 2009 — There was a time it would have been impossible for Raymond Mc Cord Sr. to have believed it: that a veteran campaigner on Capitol Hill for the rights of mistreated Catholics in Northern Ireland would become his best ally in seeking justice for his own murdered Protestant son.

But from May 4 to May 14, 2009 Fr. Sean Mc Manus, president of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus, and Raymond Mc Cord Sr. of Belfast will be pounding the halls of Congress and singing from the same hymn-sheet – a human rights sheet that is neither Protestant nor Catholic.

“Despite the tragic divisions in Northern Ireland, there is still a strong Ulster bond, which asserts itself when the Protestant and the Catholic each experiences British injustice”, explains Fr. Mc Manus. “Raymond’s son, Raymond Jr., was brutally murdered by a Loyalist Protestant paramilitary group in 1997 (the first betrayal) and the leader of the gang was protected in a sinister cover-up because he was a British Government agent and police informer (the second betrayal)”.

Raymond, Sr. adds: “ All my life I have been a staunch Loyalist Protestant who believes in the Union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I used to dismiss claims of Catholic mistreatment as mere Republican propaganda. I could not believe that MY British Government and MY police could be guilty of political assassinations, brutality and deadly cover-ups. Until it all happened to my own beloved son. Since Raymond Jr. was murdered, I have encountered stonewalling and obstruction from the British Government and Northern Ireland police. I can only turn for justice to Fr. Mc Manus and his many friends in Congress. He has assured me that the US Congress will fight for my rights as hard as they have fought for the rights of Catholics in Northern Ireland”.

Fr. Mc Manus added: “ I have been touched by Raymond’s profound love for his son and deeply impressed by his bravery and fearless integrity. I can pay him no higher respect when I call him, “ The Protestant Pat Finucane of Northern Ireland”. END.PS. Below is a letter that Fr. Mc Manus is sending to key Members of Congress, plus a Fact Sheet on Mc Cord Case.

The Honorable Richie Neal
2208 RHOB
US House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

April 14, 2009

Dear Richie,

From May 4 to May 14, 2009 the Irish National Caucus is sponsoring a visit to Capitol Hill by Raymond Mc Cord, Sr. –- the intrepid Protestant Loyalist from Belfast.

He is most anxious to meet with you to bring you up to date on his heroic campaign to bring to justice those who killed his 22-year-old son, Raymond, Jr., in 1997.

The leader of the Protestant Loyalist gang that killed his son has been protected by a sinister cover-up because he was a British Government agent and police informer. (That is something which Catholics have more usually complained about). For more details please see attached Fact Sheet and News Release.

In the past critics of your involvement, and mine, in the Irish issue tried to claim our concern was only for the rights Catholics in Northern Ireland.

We always knew that was not true: that our concern is for human rights and equality for all the people on the island of Ireland, irrespective of class or creed.

And our solidarity with the remarkably brave Protestant Raymond Mc Cord, Sr. clearly testifies to that.

We will be in contact with your office to arrange a meeting, which hopefully you can schedule.

Thank you so very much.
God bless America and God save Ireland.

Fr. Sean Mc Manus


April 14, 2009

Raymond’s son, Raymond Jr., a 22-year-old Royal Air Force member, was brutally beatento death in a quarry near Belfast in November 1997 by members of the Protestant Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) based in the Mount Vernon area of that city.

The leader of the gang who ordered the murder was a government agent and police informer. He, therefore, has been protected by a sinister cover-up by the British government and the Northern Ireland police.

Raymond, Sr. has waged a heroic battle — despite death threats and intimidation — to bring the killers to justice. His fearless campaign led to a special investigation by the then Police Ombudsman, Nuala O’Loan. In a major 2007 Report she confirmed that the leader of the Mount Vernon gang, Mark Haddock was a “protected species”, despite being implicated in 16 murders, 10 attempted murders, 23 paramilitary-style shootings and beatings, drug-dealing, extortion, arson and intimidation.

The Ombudsman declared there was a “pattern of work by certain officers within Special Branch designed to ensure that [Haddock] and his associates were protected from the law”.

However, despite some progress, Raymond’s quest for justice has met with stonewalling, obstruction and cover-up. He looks to America for help.