Loughinisland massacre: Startling documentary will take story of injustice to global audience

Posted By: November 02, 2017

The documentary No Stone Unturned makes startling claims
 Allison Morris. Irish News. Belfast. November 2, 2017 

I admit to walking into the media screening of the documentary No Stone Unturned with a slight skepticism – after all, I’ve been writing stories about the atrocity at Loughinisland for many years, I’ve read all the reports, spoken to the victims’ families.

I considered myself well enough informed on the background to the case that not much would shock or surprise me.

However, to hear the suspected killers named – names which have been whispered locally for many years, but have not been publicly carried in mainstream media – was quite startling.

To find out that the wife of one of the main suspects, thought to be the gunman who sprayed the bar with automatic fire, had turned him in not just once but three times was incredible.

The documentary reveals that in two phone calls and a letter the woman, who had been a civilian police employee, named who she claimed were the gunmen and getaway driver, including her own husband.

While under arrest she later admitted being the author of a letter sent to a former SDLP councilor, a letter in which she implicated herself as one of those who helped plan the attack.

And yet the couple were never charged and remain married. The Fine Point production crew filmed the pair working side by side like any happily married couple, except that this pair carries with them a sack load of dark secrets.

The stars of the documentary are undoubtedly the families of the victims and those who survived the attack, as well as solicitor Niall Murphy who has dedicated much of his career to help them in their fight for truth and justice.

No Stone Unturned is a beautifully filmed documentary, as you would expect from the Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, but it is also a triumph of investigative journalism and will now take the tragic story of injustice at Loughinisland to a global audience.