Just 16 per cent of Magee intake was Protestant in 2012

Posted By: November 18, 2014

NOTE : Not too long ago, Queen’s University was a symbol of Catholic disadvantage.Moderate Catholic leaders charged there was a culture of anti-Catholic discrimination at Queen’s. Now, however, this article shows Catholics are making progress in the area of education.
by Kevin Mullan. Derry Journal. November 17, 2014
Far more Catholics (2,080) than Protestants (580) enrolled at the Magee campus of
the University of Ulster in 2012/13, according to the latest figures available.
There were also more students designated as either ‘Other’ or ‘Not Known’ at Magee
than there were designated as Protestant in that year.
The figures were compiled by the Higher Education Statistics Agency and are the
latest available. They were released by the Universities Minister Dr Stephen Farry in
response to a query by the DUP MLA Nelson McCausland.
They show that just 16 per cent of the total enrolment in 2012/13 was of Protestant
students. Catholics comprised 56 per cent of the student enrolment.
Eight per cent were listed as ‘Other;’ eight per cent were listed as ‘Not Known;’ and
13 per cent were listed as ‘Non Domiciled.’
Last week Dr Farry revealed how Catholics also outnumbered Protestants at the
Queen’s University, Belfast, in 2012/13.
Dr Farry had again revealed that there were 5,265 (29 per cent) Protestants and
7,395 Catholics (41 per cent) enrolled. A further 1,270 (seven per cent) were
designated as ‘Other.’
The religion of 2,395 (13 per cent) was listed as ‘Not Known’ and 1,740 (10 per
cent) were listed as ‘Non Domiciled.’
In fact, the only university campus where there were more Protestant than Catholic
students was at the University of Ulster in Coleraine.
On the North Coast 41 per cent (1,655) of the 2012/13 enrolment was Protestant
compared with the 33 per cent (1,345) that was Catholic