Is This Anti-Americanism, or What?

Posted By: December 31, 2006

By Father Sean Mc Manus
President, Irish National Caucus

CAPITOL HILL. Saturday, December 30, 2006— There has been
concern among Irish-Americans that the people in Ireland
were becoming increasingly anti-American. I think that
concern is over-blown a bit. My own experience is that
there is an anti-Bush feeling in Ireland, but it is not
anti-American. Big difference.

However, a fascinating piece of apparent anti-Americanism
has emerged from Belfast, all the more interesting in that
it is not new but 30 years old. And it comes from our old
friends in British Intelligence.

The just released 1976 British Cabinet Papers – published
after the 30-year confidentiality rule – reveal that the
SDLP had conflicted – feelings about America. Yet it was
America that helped to make John Hume and international

The Irish News, Saturday, December 30, 2006, in a story
headlined “Fitt shunned dinner over SAS gaffe” says:” The
former SDLP leader, Gerry Fitt who died in 2005 failed to
turn up at a dinner party at Stormont 30 years ago because
he was embarrassed over a highly public gaffe concerning
the SASŠMr. Hume said that the real reason for Mr. Fitt’s
absence from the dinner was that he was licking his wounds
after his statement comparing the SAS to the CIA. This had
brought ridicule from outside down upon the party and many
of their own supporters had been complaining that they
could not take this statement seriouslyŠ”

My, my, Saint John apologizing for his leader comparing the
“bad” CIA to the” good” SAS!

Now, I’m no fan of the CIA, despite DeNiro’s new, excellent
movie, “The Good Shepherd”, filmed in part right next door
to my old office, 413 Capital St. SE,
(In the movie Matt Damon is seen coming out of the
drycleaners, Capitol Hill Valet, 409 East Capital St. SE).

However, I find it extraordinary that John Hume would make
excuses for the notorious SAS that assassinated Catholics,
carried out State-sanctioned acts of terrorism and colluded
with Protestant death squads.

If that’s not anti-Americanism, what is?

Father Sean Mc Manus
Irish National Caucus
P.O. Box 15128
Capitol Hill
Washington, D.C. 20003-0849