Irish National Caucus welcomes today’s Congressional Hearing— Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission Hearing: “Northern Ireland: Accountability at Risk.”

Posted By: February 15, 2022

CAPITOL HILL. Tuesday, February 15, 2022— Fr. Sean McManus, President/Founder, of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National  Caucus released the following statement:

Irish National Caucus welcomes today’s Congressional Hearing. Every Congressional Hearing is an official act of the United States Government, and as such demonstrates powerfully American concern with the proposed British government amnesty plans.

However, I think it is a pity and mistake for the Belfast Protestant campaigner against British government collusion, Raymond McCord, Sr., not to be included in the panel of witnesses.

As is well documented, and cannot be disputed, no one in Ireland North or South has done more than Raymond to expose and oppose the British government amnesty plans. He got the support of all relevant political parties, North and South, the Irish government, the Labor Unions, etc.—and did it all from a cross-community basis, in a victims-led and victims-centered Truth and Justice Movement.

I think the British Embassy will be much relieved that Raymond was not included. I have learned from my almost 50-years of experience lobbying the Congress that a Protestant/Unionist exposing collusion is something the British government cannot deal with…Killing Catholics is one thing, but also killing Protestants, or colluding in their killing, is impossible for them to defend—which is why Raymond McCord, Sr., more than anyone else in Northern Ireland today  is ‘persona non grata’ with the British government and intelligence agencies.”