Irish MEP Martina Anderson ripped into Britain over the Brexit deal and said as soon as the deal was done the UK “rubbished the joint report they solemnly signed.”

Posted By: December 14, 2017

 Charlotte Davis. Express. UK. Wednesday, 13, 2017

Ms. Anderson was furious after David Davis implied in a television interview that the Brexit deal was not legally binding and could be altered. But Mr. Davis since insisted his words were misrepresented by the media. 

Mr. Davis’ claim caused an uproar among the Irish Government, who demanded a concrete promise on there being no hard border in Ireland – with Dublin insisting it considered the agreement bulletproof.  

Speaking before the EU summit, Ms. Anderson said: “The British Government has done it again. They have pulled off a spectacular piece of theatre over the last week or so. 

Martina Anderson said Britain are opposing the rights they signed up to
The UK Government has been making promises to Irish people for years and then refusing to fulfill them
“Only a statement of intents says, David Davis. We are coming to a gentleman’s agreement with David Davis who thinks nothing of misleading his own parliament. 

“But its no surprise, it’s the way they do things. They create drama through late night and last-minute negotiations. They flush out the bottom line of those they are negotiating with.”

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker agreed on Friday enough progress has been made on key Brexit issues in order to move on to trade talks.

But Ms. Anderson claimed Britain makes promises to get others to move things forward and then it “negotiates compromises downwards.”   

She said: “They use ambiguity to confuse and disorientate their opponents. 
“And then when they don’t like what the final compromise is they simply ignore it and don’t implement it. 
“No one knows them better than us. The British Government has been making promises to Irish people for years and then refusing to fulfill them. Even today they are negating to implement the Good Friday Agreement.”

Ms Anderson demanded the Brexit deal become legally binding. She said once the resolution is turned into legal action there can be “no more ambiguity, no more contradictions, no more taking the British Government as their word.”