Irish-Americans Welcome U.N. Censure of British for Reneging on Truth and Legacy Issues

Posted By: November 21, 2016

CAPITOL HILL. Monday, November 21, 2016—  Irish-Americans are  pleased that the British Government’s failure to honor its obligations has been exposed and censured by a special report by the  United Nations.

The report  by UN special rapporteur Pablo De Greiff ( Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights)   has been welcomed by the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus, which has long campaigned to keep the U.S. Congress involved in standing up for the rights of victims in Northern Ireland.

Caucus president, Fr. Sean Mc Manus said: “I greatly welcome this Report. The
British Government has disgracefully reneged on its obligations under the Stormont House Agreement. I am delighted the Report has made it clear that the British Government cannot hide behind the weasel language of ‘national security,’ so as to avoid providing information about their past crimes and cover ups. Equally, it is good to see the Report affirming that the British Government must provide the funding and resources for legacy Inquests.”