In Fairness to Brokenshire

Posted By: January 17, 2018

The Irish Echo. Letters to the Editor. January 17, 2018

Far be it from me to be too indulgent of Tory rulers in Northern
However, even this Fermanagh man is surprised by the negative
publicity out-going secretary of state James Brokenshire received
throughout his tenure in the North.
Because of that negative publicity, when Mr. Brokenshire spoke
in July at the Northern Ireland Bureau in Washington, D.C., I was
expecting him to be remote, disengaged, condescending and even
In fairness, that is not what I witnessed.
Instead, I saw a man who was open and respectful to his audience.

And even when I publicly challenged him on the shameful
British government record on the case of Raymond McCord, Jr. –
who was brutally murdered by police informers and British agents
– he did not react badly or with hostility.
And, after the public encounter, when I spoke to him in person,
he maintained his composure and respectful manner.
So, in fairness and justice, I must give him credit for that.
After all, the “appalling vista” of the British government colluding
in the slaughter of a young Belfast Protestant is one of the
most sensitive issues for the British government.
I call that case the “Protestant version” of the Pat Finucane case,
mutatis mutandis (with the respective differences having been
I wish Mr. Brokenshire a speedy recovery to full health.
Fr. Sean Mc Manus
Washington, D.C.
The writer is President of the Irish National Caucus