If You Fund a Terrorist, You are a Terrorist

Posted By: March 29, 2013


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Capitol Hill. November 18, 2004 —” To paraphrase President Bush, if you fund a terrorist, you are a terrorist. President Bush is now funding the terrorist Timothy Spicer. Former British Army terrorist, Spicer, terrorized the Mc Bride family when his army unit assassinated Peter Mc Bride in Northern Ireland. And he continues to terrorize the Mc Bride family by his brazen defense of the assassination”.

That is how Father Sean Mc Manus responded to the Bush Administration’s defense of their awarding the huge Iraq contract to Timothy Spicer, now a terrorist for hire in Iraq.

The Department of Defense( Army) replied to five U.S. Senators( Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, Dodd, Schumer) maintaining the decision to award the contract to Aegis Defense Services last May was a “well founded” .

” This is an outrageous reply”, said Fr. Mc Manus. ” Surely, the five Senators will not stand for it?, he concluded. ( Army’s letter ATTACHED)