Harland and Wolff Boycott Called Off

Posted By: March 29, 2013

Washington, D.C., November 16, 1995 — The Irish National Caucus — the Irish Lobby on Capitol Hill, has called off its four year old boycott of Timex watches. Timex is owned by Fred Olsen, owner of Harland and Wolff.

The Caucus launched the Timex boycott when Olsen purchased Harland and Wolff to protest anti-Catholic discrimination at that company.

The ending of the boycott was announced by Caucus President, Father Sean McManus who is visiting Belfast. Speaking after a four hour tour of Harland and Wolff, Father McManus said “the Caucus boycott is called off immediately. I was very impressed with the attitude and atmosphere at Harland and Wolff. I now believe they are committted to building a workforce free from discrimination.”

The tour of Harland and Wolff was arranged by George Rose, Chairman of the Shop Stewards. Mr. Rose had first met Fr. McManus during the White House Conference on Ireland. “George is an incredible pitch man, he is a superb ambassador for Harland and Wolff,” said Fr. McManus. “Harland and Wolff, because of the peace-process, can now become the symbol of progress and reconciliation in Northern Ireland,” said Fr. McManus. “The Irish National Caucus is going to do all in its power to promote Harland and Wolff in the U.S. Harland and Wolff cannot build an intergrated workforce without more jobs,” he explained. “So we must help to get them more jobs.”