God Rest Tom Hayden

Posted By: October 24, 2016

 Fr. Sean Mc Manus on friend Tom Hayden

CAPITOL HILL. Monday, October 24, 2016— Irish-Americans dedicated to justice and peace in Ireland have lost a valiant champion.

That is how Fr. Sean Mc Manus—President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus— reacted to the death of former political leader, activist and anti-Vietnam war protester, Tom Hayden (76).

Fr. Mc Manus said: “I got to know Tom quite well through our Mac Bride Principles campaign. He, along with State Senator John Burton, were the leading champions— in California State government— of our Mac Bride Principles, which we got passed into State law in March 1999.

Tom was a most impressive man. A great American and an ardent Irishman. God rest his noble Irish soul. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.”