Posted By: June 23, 2014

CAPITOL HILL. Monday, June 23, 2014 — Fr. Mc Manus  — President of the Capitol Hill- based Irish National Caucus  — has expressed great sorrow at the death of Gerry Conlon.
” Gerry was one of the heroes of the Irish Troubles — and his false imprisonment  is one of the best  examples of British Government injustice. I had the honor of knowing Gerry. I was particularly touched that he took the time to thank me for the work the Irish National Caucus did for the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six — and doing it while the then Irish Ambassador Sean Donlon was trying to demonize us for it.Gerry also went out of his way to express solidarity with me when the Irish Republicans were attacking  the Irish National Caucus. Unfairness and injustice outraged Gerry’s good heart. May his noble Irish soul rest in peace.”