Given time, Arlene will help the Nationalist cause

Posted By: November 23, 2016

C McGeough. Letters to Editor. Irish News (Belfast). Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nationalist critics of DUP leader should not despair a great deal at the lack of vision or type of stone-age politics Arlene Foster portrays.
Mrs. Foster is hewn from the same material as many of her unionist predecessors like Craig, Brookeborough and Paisley and her attitude will have the same effect as they once had. 
The continuation of Arlene’s type of leadership assures that everyone of a nationalist persuasion will renew their commitment towards a reunited Ireland.
As a member of a nationalist family, I am reminded of a fear that a previous generation of my family once had.  Back in the mid-1960s, there was a belief, some even feared, that the politics of former unionist prime minister Terence O’Neill held certain dangers in that they could become acceptable to couldn’t-care-less nationalists and that O’Neill’s outreach program would help lessen the desire among nationalists/Catholics to seek a reunited Ireland.
Therefore, it is worth realizing that the cause for a reunited Ireland stands to gain because of Arlene Foster.  Dormant nationalism will soon realize there is nothing for their community if Mrs. Foster continues with her type of one-sided politics and soon the dream of nationalism will be reignited and become greater than ever.
So, the thinking must be to ‘let her get on with what she’s doing’ as only nationalism aspirations stand to gain in the long-term from her lack of any real vision.
C McGeough
Crumlin, Co Antrim