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Who is Brandon Lewis ???

Monday, June 7, 2021

Who is Brandon Lewis or More Importantly Who Does Brandon Lewis Think He Is??

Brandon Lewis is the British Government appointed “Secretary of State for Northern Ireland”. Elected as a Conservative MP for the English constituency of Great Yarmouth he serves in the government of Boris Johnson.

Despite the grand title he and his party have no mandate in the North. The conservative party contested elections and have zero elected representatives. They were rejected by the people.

Brandon Lewis is the British Government representative TO the North.  He is not a representative of the people. He is a representative of British Government policy.

The people in the North are represented and governed by an elected Assembly and Executive.

However, this lack of a democratic mandate or a role has not stopped Mr. Lewis from acting like some colonial ruler of the past.

In Westminster, he made clear that the British Government would not be bound by international agreements and law concerning Brexit. He also has attempted to rip up agreements relating to the past and sought an effective amnesty for the actions of the British Military in Ireland.

He has now taken it upon himself to appoint a special envoy to the US on his behalf, claiming the envoy will represent the north of Ireland. He tapped Trevor Ringland for the job. Mr. Ringland a former rugby international is also a former member of the Ulster Unionist Party and also a member of the Conservative party. Yes, the party of Brandon Lewis and the party of no votes.

The democratically elected government of the North already has a diplomatic mission to the US. The “Northern Ireland Bureau” represents the democratic forum and the people of the north.

Speaking on the latest stunt by Brandon Lewis, Joint Leader of the Government on the North Michelle O’Neill said,

“Brandon Lewis’ decision to unilaterally make such an appointment directly relating to the North’s interests and priorities without consulting the democratically mandated Executive smacks of Tory arrogance and disrespect.

I consider this announcement to be yet another attempt by this Tory Government to undermine devolution, locally elected Ministers, and our institutions of government.”

The appointment of Mr. Ringland is to represent British Government policy, he nor his sponsor can claim to represent the people.

A fact that will not be lost on  Irish America.