Posted By: December 23, 2020


Hi, I’m Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President of the Irish National Caucus in Washington, DC, and Chief Judge of the World Peace Prize.

I have made six videos on our One Ireland Petition—and on the upcoming 100th Anniversary of England’s Partition of Ireland, which was enacted December 23, 1920.


Our One Ireland Petition is:” Ireland, too, has the right to be One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


In the meantime, we have received lots of requests for more information on the work of the Irish National Caucus. So, I thought the best thing I could do is to refer people to the new Edition of my Memoirs: My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland  [Third U.S. Edition 2019]. It is available on Amazon and from



The first edition of my Memoirs was published in Ireland in 2011. This NEW EDITION has 125 extra pages, for a total of 464 pages. The pages are much lager in size than in the first edition. And it has 41 additional photos, for a total of 59 photos.


This book is unique because no other book tells this story, which consists totally of primary sources. No other book could tell this story because, quite frankly, no one else has done the work I have done on Ireland with the U.S. Congress for almost 50 years—day in, day out. That cannot be disputed.


And I did my work against huge odds—against the British Embassy (and sadly against the Irish Embassy, which for years and years opposed everything I did, to the delight of the British embassy). Both Embassies got BIG NAME IRISH CATHOLIC Members of Congress to back off criticizing the British Government—in effect, to be complicit with England’s anti-Catholic oppression in Northern Ireland; the torture of political prisoners; state-sponsored assassinations of Catholics; anti-Catholic discrimination in employment, etc., etc.


In a word Big Name Irish Catholics in Congress went along for years and years with England’s wholesale violation of human rights in Northern Ireland—the bogus State England set up through partition TO BE anti-Irish and anti-Catholic, which was the only way England could hold on to a part of Ireland in 1920.


However, thank God, despite massive opposition the Irish National Caucus prevailed against all odds. We took our cause to Members of Congress who were Italian-Americans, Jewish-Americans, African-Americans, so forth and so on, and thus prevailed.

We forced the Northern Ireland issue in the U.S. Congress, despite powerful opposition. We broke the ban on Congressional Hearings on Human Rights in Northern Ireland. We got Congressional Hearings on policing, on anti-Catholic discrimination by American companies doing business in Northern Ireland, on our famous Mac Bride Principles, on England’s collusion with Protestant murder gangs, so forth and so on. We got the Mac Bride Principles enshrined into U.S. law, not to mention law in many U.S. States. And we got a ban on the sale of U.S. weapons to the sectarian, anti-Catholic police of Northern Ireland, the old RUC— along with other  Congressional restrictions on the RUC.


My Memoirs tells this story and so much more. No one has been able to contradict its facts, truthfulness, and authenticity. It speaks truth to power and is not afraid to stand up for equality, unity, justice and peace in all of Ireland. Every Irish patriot will love this book and no Irish home should be without it.

Thank you. God save Ireland.