Fr. Sean McManus’ 19th Social Media Video: Former British Chancellor provided additional reason to sign One Ireland Petition

Posted By: January 22, 2021

Friday, January 22, 2021


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Script:  Former British Chancellor provides additional reasons to sign One Ireland Petition

By Fr. Sean Mc Manus.

Hi, I’m Fr. Sean McManus, President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus in Washington, DC, and Chief Judge of the World Peace Prize.


And this is our nineteenth social-media video on our One Ireland Petition and on England’s undemocratic Partition of Ireland.


England’s Government of Ireland Act, which partitioned Ireland, was enacted by the London Parliament with the assent of the King of England on January 23, 1920. However, the new artificial, gerrymandered, undemocratic State did not come into existence until sometime in 1921 … So, we are now in the 100th Anniversary of this undemocratic State.


All our previous videos have stressed the undemocratic essence of the Northern Ireland State, which was founded on a racist (meaning anti-Irish) and a sectarian (meaning anti-Catholic) headcount. And that is why it can be said that the evil of racism and sectarianism is the “Original Sin” of Northern Ireland.


We launched the One Ireland Petition to be a perfect response to this awful Anniversary.

This splendid Petition—based, of course, on the American Pledge of Allegiance— beautifully declares: “Ireland, too, has the right to be One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


We have been explaining through these videos that there are three key developments—following on the Irish Peace Process—that make our Petition most timely: (1) The gerrymandered Protestant artificial majority has been overtaken by the Catholic population in Northern Ireland; (2) Brexit has dragged Northern Ireland out of the European Union against its stated will; and (3) Scotland seems to be heading for independence. God bless Scotland.


And now we have been provided further reasons for signing the Petition by none other

than the former British Chancellor of the Exchequer (from 2010-2016), George

Osborne. Mr. Osborne was a Conservative/Tory MP from 2001 to 2017. Now the Tory Party was not, shall we say, historically noted for its empathy for Ireland’s freedom, justice, equality, and peace. Mr. Osborne is now the Editor-in-Chief of the London Evening Standard. He writes in that newspaper on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, in his column titled, “Unleashing nationalism has made the future of the UK the central issue”:

“By unleashing English nationalism, Brexit has made the future of the UK the central political issue of the coming decade. Northern Ireland is already heading for the exit door. By remaining in the EU single market, it is for all economic intents and purposes now slowly becoming part of a united Ireland. Its prosperity now depends on its relationship with Dublin (and Brussels), not London. The politics will follow. 

Northern Irish unionists always feared the mainland was not sufficiently committed to their cause. Now their short-sighted support for Brexit (and unbelievably stupid decision to torpedo Theresa May’s deal that avoided separate Irish arrangements) has made those fears a reality. It pains me to report that most here and abroad will not care.”


That is an extraordinary statement for a former British Chancellor of the Exchequer. Further “writing on the wall,” so to speak, that England’s game in Ireland is truly up.

Now if a former Tory Chancellor can say that, surely you and all true Irish people can sign the Petition?

The Petition is hosted on —and is on Facebook and Twitter. And on


Please sign and get others to sign. In your heart, in your heat, you know it is the right thing.

Thank you for watching.

God save Ireland.