Fr. Mc Manus on the Retirement of Martin Mc Guinness

Posted By: January 20, 2017

Martin’s  Apotheosis

We have come to the end of an era with Martin Mc Guinness’ retirement for health reasons.

Martin has carved a unique role for himself in Irish history. Because of his courage, relentless determination and ability — and because of the solidarity of his colleagues and the support of the voters—he could pull off the impossible.

However, there was one ceiling even he could not break through: unreconstructed Orange anti-Catholicism. This delayed his final political apotheosis– until Arlene Foster came along.

Because of Arlene’s lack of grace, Martin’s apotheosis has been spectacularly revealed. From now on, one will hardly see a negative word about Martin Mc Guinness. He has become the Republican/militant version of the great non-violent Congressman John Lewis (D-GA)— an icon, whom none dare attack.

This may well be Arlene Foster’s enduring contribution— the apotheosis of her former Co-First Minister.

Of such stuff, miracles are made.

God bless Martin Mc Guinness and grant him a speedy recovery.