Fr Mc Manus on the Death of Fr Faul

Posted By: June 22, 2006


Father Mc Manus on the Death of Fr. Faul

CAPITOL HILL. THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 2006 — Fr. Denis Faul was the
classical old-style Irish Catholic priest: very educated and
erudite, doctrinally orthodox and socially conservative
He was tailored made to become a leading Bishop? Why, then, did
that never happen?

There is only one possible answer: Because he took on Her
Majesty’s Government, and rightly accused it of injustice against
Catholics in Northern Ireland. He, therefore, violated the one
taboo. He could have criticized any other government in the world
and still have gotten the Miter (think of how Bishop Casey could
criticize United States policy in South America, while never
opening his mouth about British injustice in the North).

In the late seventies and early eighties when both the London and
Dublin governments (with the compliant help of much of the Irish
and British media) were doing all they could to demonize the
Irish National Caucus, Fr. Faul fearlessly stood up for us,
publicly identifying with us , twice coming to the United States
on a Irish National Caucus – speaking tour and lobbying-effort of
the U.S. Congress.

Fr. Faul was a human rights champion. He was a most effective
communicator. Indeed, maybe even death does not stop his
communication :On the very day he died, I found myself thinking I
should telephone him as I hadn’t talked to him in a while. The
next thing I knew he was dead! May his noble Irish soul rest in
God’s eternal peace.

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