Fr. Mc Manus on Killing of Policeman

Posted By: April 04, 2011

Fr Mc Manus, in Dublin for the launch of his Memoirs, released the following statement :
“I conclude my book , My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland, with this :” I am hopeful for the future of Ireland – the whole island of Ireland. Even though, I think, we have still a long way to go. I believe “the Union” will die on the vine. The only way it can be saved is if the IRA came back into business. One of the great Irish ironies! But it is an irony I hope that patriotic young Irish men and women take heed of: No young Irish person need be killed – or kill — for full Irish freedom”.

That is why I am now so deeply grieved by the recent death of the young policeman. It was a terrible act, should not have happened and is to be totally condemned.
I appeal to those who did the killing to quit their campaign and to embrace the peace-process, as the only way “forward”.