Fr. Mc Manus on Harris’s Appointment to Seanad Éireann

Posted By: August 20, 2007

Fr. Mc Manus on Harris’s Appointment to Seanad Éireann

There have been a number of ridiculous articles in the papers in
Ireland praising the equally ridiculous appointment of Eohan
Harris to Seanad Éireann.

Years ago I promised myself to stop reading Harris’s rants and
egomaniacal ravings, but I still scan his articles just to see if
they are still as extreme as ever and he never disappoints.

Every time I think of Harris, I think of James Meredith. In so
doing, I mean no offense to Meredith a genuine hero of the Black
Freedom Struggle in America, despite his subsequent and peculiar
flip flops.

On September 27, 1962, James Meredith heroically integrated Ole
Miss – the University of Mississippi-while mobs of white racists
howled for his blood.

In August 1989, Meredith would go to work in the Capitol Hill
office of Senator Jesse Helms, renowned for his race baiting
tactics and obstructionism, only to resign in the Fall of 1991
because Helms was “too liberal”. Then a short time later Meredith
endorsed the former Imperial Wizard of the KKK, David Duke, for
Governor of Louisiana and President of the U.S.

No doubt, Harris would consider Meredith’s subsequent behavior as

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