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Succeeds former Congressman Lester Wolff

Seoul. South Korea. Thursday, October 24, 2013 — The President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus who travelled to Seoul to be sworn in as one of twelve Judges on the World Peace Prize Awarding Council has, instead, been sworn-in as the Chief Judge.
This followed the resignation of out-going Chief Judge, 94-four-year-old former Congressman Lester Wolff who did not travel to Seoul.
Fr. Mc Manus said: ” I have very big shoes to fill. Lester is a legend for his life-long commitment to equality, justice and peace.”

Reverend Dr.Han Min Su — the Seoul-based Founder and Master Planner of the World Peace Prize entities — was effusive in his praise of Mr. Wolff: ” Only Fr. Mc Manus would be able to replace Lester. All of us are deeply grateful to Lester for his wonderful contributions. We wish him every blessing and he will always in our prayers.”

Barbara J. Flaherty — who was sworn in as both Roving Ambassador for Peace and Executive Vice President — said: “It is a profound honor to be associated with Dr. Han in his splendid World Peace Mission. We in Washington will everything in our power to advance Dr. Han’s magnificent vision.”