Posted By: April 30, 2013

CAPITOL HILL — April 29, 2013 —- The president of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus, Fr. Sean Mc Manus, has now turned his hand to writing novels.

His first novel is expected soon, MAC IRELAND: Fight for Irish Freedom.

The book blurb clearly spells out the theme:“ The IRA hero set out in 1970s to drive England out of Ireland but quickly realized he would first have to drive British agents out of the IRA.”

Fr. Mc Manus has already proved to be a successful author. His Memoirs, My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland, (2011) has been widely praised. It is the definitive narrative of the struggle to get the U.S. Congress to stand up for Irish justice. In 2012,the book was updated to include his new campaign, and is now titled: My American Struggle for Justice in Northern Ireland … And The Holy Land.

When asked how the novel came about, Fr. Mc Manus explained:  “ When I finished writing my Memoirs, I just kept writing. I had no intentions of writing a novel – it just happened. I just naturally segued into writing about a Fermanagh IRA hero – with a theme that fiction has not yet touched. Mac Ireland hunts down British agents inside the IRA, and does it with the help of a Northern  Ireland Protestant detective

(whose family member is killed by agents of The Crown) and a Free State ( Southern Irish) detective, who is outraged by how the quisling Dublin Government has sold out to the British.”