Foster ‘would not support SF Justice

Posted By: May 17, 2016

Story by UTV Staff, Belfast. UTV. May 16, 2016

The First Minister Arlene Foster has said that she would not support a Sinn Féin Justice Minister as talks to form the new government at Stormont continue.

The First Minister Arlene Foster

Alliance have yet to decide on whether they will take the post again, after filling the role in the last Assembly.

That followed intense talks on the devolution of policing on justice, with Stormont rules dictating that the post must be filled by a cross-community party.

Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness has said that he would prefer it if Alliance were to take the Justice post once again.

“The decision that the Alliance Party has to take is how this process can continue, how we can provide a Justice Minister,” he said.

“And it does mean putting the people first and I hope that’s what the Alliance Party will do.”

However, DUP leader Arlene Foster was clear on Monday that she would not support a minister coming from her shared government party.

“We will not be supporting a Sinn Féin Justice Minister, we’re very clear about that,” she said.

There are also questions over whether the SDLP will join the UUP in opposition in the coming term.

Claire Hanna said the party are keeping an open mind on their next move.

“I think there is a mood for a move on from the Peace Process phase, and I think it is something which has captured the imagination,” she said.

“We needn’t pretend that it’s a silver bullet and that it’s going to answer all of Northern Ireland’s political problems.

“If we go into opposition it’s because we believe we can better get accountability.”

Negotiations over the Programme for Government begin on Tuesday with the d’Hondt method expected to choose the new Executive members some time next week.