Families meet for “emotional film” screening

Posted By: November 04, 2017

ALLISON MORRIS.Irish News. Saturday, November 4, 2017


THEIR STORY: Some of the audience at a special showing of No Stone Unturned in Loughinisland last night Picture: Matt Bohill

THERE was standing room only in a Co. Down GAA club last night as crowds watched a special screening of a new documentary about the Loughinisland atrocity.

Relatives of those who died, along with those who were injured in the attack, attended the screening of No Stone Unturned at Loughinisland GAC.

They were joined by lawyer Niall Murphy, Trevor Birney of Fine Point Films, who produced the documentary, and former Irish News journalist Barry McCaffrey, who carried out much of the research.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney could not be present but sent a personal message thanking the people of Loughinisland for letting him tell their story.

It was a story he said many people “had tried to silence”.

Six Catholic men were killed in the Heights Bar in Loughinisland in June 1994 when UVF gunmen burst in while customers were watching the Republic of Ireland play Italy in the World Cup.

No-one has ever been convicted of the murders of pensioner Barney Green (87), Adrian Rogan (34), Malcolm Jenkinson (53), Daniel McCreanor (59), Patrick O’Hare (35) and Eamon Byrne (39).

Mr Jenkinson’s daughter Louise said it was an “emotional” experience watching the film surrounded by friends and family from Loughinisland.

“I’ve seen the film before, but it was it was a lot to take in, a lot to process there was so much new information,” she said.

“This is different because I’ve other family members with me and it’s here in Loughinisland, where it all happened.

“We never thought something like that would happen in this place. That’s not to take away from the suffering of those people in the city who lost loved ones, but in a hamlet like this, it was unthinkable.

“We stayed silent for a long time, we trusted the authorities, we attended meetings and put our trust in people we shouldn’t have, and we were failed.

“We’ve people like Niall Murphy, Alex Gibney and Barry McCaffrey to thank for helping us keep this going,

“This film won’t bring my daddy back, nothing will, but I do think it does justice to his legacy and while the state let us down the community of Loughinisland never did. It is comforting that so many have turned out to watch this film with us.”