DUP seriously damaged by its inability to discipline Ian Paisley and Sammy Wilson

Posted By: March 27, 2021

DUP MP Ian Paisley seems to have few qualms about undermining his party leadership


Newton Emerson. Irish News. Belfast. Saturday, March 27, 2021.


Radio Ulster has not revealed the identity of the “senior DUP figure” who told it an Irish language act could be blocked until the Northern Ireland protocol is scrapped.


The DUP quickly insisted it is committed to language legislation.


The following day, Ian Paisley, Jr. warned that Westminster intervention on abortion “does not create a good atmosphere to allow for something as controversial as creating language acts”.


So he plainly has few qualms about undermining the party leadership on this issue.


Two weeks ago, leaked minutes from a South Antrim DUP constituency association showed the area’s MP, MLAs, councilors, and members united on the need to pass and promote an Irish language act, while despairing at the leadership’s lack of control over Sammy Wilson.


It is remarkable how few representatives it takes to create the impression of a split.


The DUP is suffering serious damage from its inability to discipline two deeply unserious figures. Neither lead factions or have internal power bases, both are outside the Stormont center of operations and their seats should be easily winnable by other DUP candidates. While it is no simple matter to get rid of an MP, only the weakest leadership should leave these two feeling untouchable.