DUP ensured there will be  an economic united Ireland

Posted By: July 08, 2020

Irish Congressional Briefing

Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus

 Goods can come in to supermarkets from the EU through the Republic. The DUP have ensured that from January 2021 there will be an economic united 

Brian Feeney. Irish News. Belfast. Wednesday, July 8, 2020

While the Assembly engaged in one of its periodic slugfests, this time about Bobby Storey’s funeral, important developments for future business and trade became public.

As usual however, the priority of pillorying Sinn Féin overrode any sense of proportion regarding real priorities.

Last Friday a leaked HMRC [Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs] document showed that, contrary to repeated assertions by [Pime  Minister Boris] Johnson and his sycophants, like the current proconsul here [NI Secretary of State], that there will be documentation required for goods traveling from Britain to The north; they will in fact be treated as exports. Businesses in GB – deal or no deal – seeking to send goods here will have to complete three forms for customs, security and transit. It’s called a ‘Goods Vehicle Movement Service’: all hauliers or owners of freight will need to have the forms completed before loading a ferry or aircraft to the north.

Since last October when Johnson agreed to the Irish Protocol he and his yes men and women have repeatedly said there will be no forms, knowing full well that that’s exactly opposite to what they signed up to. On one of his first proconsular visits the present incumbent, who’s busily dismantling what turns out to be the ‘New Decade Same Approach’ conjob, repeated in exactly the same words as Johnson that there would be no border in the Irish Sea despite everyone knowing the opposite is true.

For eight months the British government has been obfuscating, ignoring the pleas of businesses to provide some details. In the same category is the British government’s response to last week’s revelations, “Our approach, welcomed by businesses…there will be no tariffs for internal UK trade in any circumstances”. Businesses don’t welcome the government’s approach and “no tariffs” dishonestly ignores the documentation which constitutes non-tariff barriers to trade.

There are at least two inescapable facts which follow from last October’s deal which the British government has assiduously denied. First, goods arriving here from GB will be more expensive. Once you add three layers of paperwork, even if they’re amalgamated and electronic, it’s going to cost businesses money which they will pass on to sellers and buyers here. Secondly, many GB companies are going to conclude, especially after Covid-19, that they don’t need the extra bother and expense for such a small market and will stop trading and close their outlets here.

Now what is the Executive doing about any of this? In vain does South Down MP Chris Hazzard call for the entire Executive to come up with a coherent plan to deal with this economic crisis. Why does the Executive not even try to press for a deal – already offered by Michel Barnier – to wave through goods for the big supermarkets here, given that 80 per cent of their products come from the EU?

The answer is the DUP. They prevent a coherent response because, like the British government, they are in denial about the damage they have done to business (and agriculture) here. According to Chris Hazzard, Edwin Poots at agriculture is disregarding the work done by DAERA officials to develop essential infrastructure at ports, thereby blocking progress.

What is laughingly known as ‘Economy’ under Diane Dodds, a dyed in the wool Brexiteer, will do everything to support the British government’s headlong rush to the cliff top. Instead, she seems more focused on photo-ops with company managements than taking robust action to protect their prospects.

In short a coherent response is impossible. There is no Executive position. First and deputy first ministers speak to the joint committee overseeing the implementation of the protocol and exhibit diametrically opposed positions, though they won’t tell us what they say, or even what assurances they’ve asked for. Will there be exit declarations required from businesses here sending goods to GB or not?

Still, look on the bright side. Goods can come in to supermarkets from the EU through the Republic. The DUP have ensured that from January 2021 there will be an economic united Ireland.END,