DUP councilor Dale Pankhurst posted Protestant areas cannot be “dumping grounds for all sorts”

Posted By: December 06, 2019


Distributed to Congress by Irish National Caucus
“Just as the Irish National Caucus is urging—with huge support from Irish-Americans— the building up of The Beloved Community in a new, shared Ireland, it is particularly sad to read excerpts of the article below from today’s Irish News of Belfast… Catholics being blocked from living in Unionist/Protestant areas, or being driven out of such areas. That is how The Troubles started in 1969:thousands upon thousands of Catholics were burnt out—as the police and their support forces looked on, with some actually participating—which directly lead to the formation of the Provisional IRA.
Imagine if Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, Catholics, etc, etc., were being driven from their homes in today’s America! Would leaders be expected to be silent? … Yet, there has been an invidious attempt by a few Irish-Americans (‘useful idiots’ or otherwise) to tell us not to mention such acts of anti-Catholic oppression in Northern Ireland. Well, the Irish National Caucus will NOT be silent. Instead, we all must shame the ‘useful idiots’ into silence. We will continue to speak truth to power as we advocate for a new, shared Ireland, in the unity, equality, and solidarity of The Beloved Community.”
—Fr. Sean McManus

Irish News. Belfast. Friday,  December 6, 2019
A DUP [Democratic Unionist Party] councilor has faced further criticism after social media posts emerged in which he said a Protestant area cannot be used as “dumping grounds for all sorts”.
Dale Pankhurst is already facing questions about his contact with a housing association after sectarian intimidation prevented a young Catholic mother from moving into a new home.
The north Belfast councilor yesterday locked all his social media channels.
Three houses have been targeted in sectarian attacks against Catholics due to move into a new social development in north Belfast.
Windows were smashed and a flag hung from a drainpipe at a property in Tyndale Gardens in the mainly unionist Ballysillan area this week.
It emerged after The Irish News revealed two other homes in the development were targeted similarly last week.
All three ‘hate’ incidents are being investigated by the PSNI who have appealed for information.
In one, a young Catholic mother told how she was abandoning plans to move into a house after its windows were smashed and ‘KAT’ (kill all taigs) was scrawled on a wall.[ “Taigs” is a pejorative word for Catholics].